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As Falcons we…

"Win with Grace, Lose with Dignity, Above all Glorify God"

  • Christ - Athletics creates a different venue where adult mentors can share Christ with our students, and help our students foster a deeper relationship with Christ.

  • Character - Athletics doesn't create character, it reveals it. You need strong mentors in place that use the teachable moments that present themselves in athletics to teach life lessons.

  • Confidence - Everyone has different talents, and gifts. Athletics provides a place where our students can begin to nurture and develop some of those gifts.

  • Championships - Winning isn't the end destination of athletics. It's a byproduct of striving for excellence. Excellence should always be the goal.




Varsity Volleyball

Girls Soccer





Intramural Sports

We believe that it is so important to give students opportunities to be active and interact with each other. Our intramural sports program runs throughout the year and is open to all students.

Here is a list of some of the favorite intramural sports offered at Auburn Adventist Academy:

Flag Football

Ultimate Frisbee


Floor Hockey